Neri donates the Island of Giglio a sculpture and an urban requalification



GIGLIO ISLAND. This morning at dawn Talani sculpture was installed in Giglio harbor. A token of friendship to the island by the company NERI Livorno and SMIT Rotterdam, a leader in the field of maritime towing, giving the community a bronze sculpture of 3 meters with a reminder of the courage and generosity of gigliesi who have accepted the survivors on the night of  12 January 2012. Among the many stories of courage gigliesi even those who first climbed the pilot ladder in the opposite direction to go save people who were sucked by the eddies of water in a sinking ship and even risks his life in the rush of relief. 

The bronze statue of "The Man Who Saves the Sea" artist Giampaolo Talani will be installed in the square of Giglio Porto, gift, in fact, of the companies NERI Livorno and Smit Salvage of Rotterdam (who participated in the operations after shipwreck removal of the fuel).
The work recalls "the courage and selflessness of the inhabitants of the island of Giglio, leading in front of the sea with his presence a message of hope." Talani, among other things, is the author of the bronzes "Sailor" placed at the entrance of the port of San Vincenzo Livorno and "Rose of the Winds" now at the train station of Saint Lucia in Venice, and the fresco at the station Firenze Santa Maria News designed by Michelucci. 

The sculpture in  Giglio advances in the waves with a rose in hand, a tribute to the rescue worker and works in unexpected and serious incidents that disrupt the sea and the lives of those who inhabit the coastline: "It is not a hero, you every man willing to intervene with all his humanity to save and give hospitality to other men; it is the individual and the whole community that strives for its own similar in difficulty as the inhabitants of Giglio have been able to do by offering all available resources. "

With the placement of this sculpture is complete the redevelopment of the square Demo's of Isola del Giglio. The urban design project was designed by architect Paola Talà from Livorno. "This is – says the mayor Sergio Ortelli - a significant donation and appreciated by all gigliesi. On the one hand, in fact, remain indelible our gratitude for two companies that have eliminated the risk of environmental disaster, and second because it is important that no one forgets this day an extraordinary gesture which have made gigliesi. "

The implementation includes a large sitting hunched essential as the shore line made using the traditional granite approached the design of the more 'innovative cor-ten steel.
The curve ends with three cubic volumes which break down into a geometric pattern and recalls, stilizzandoli, the cliffs and the pier; Here is the statue "that with all his will, with the strength and love that has, faces the danger of the sea without challenge and with serious commitment to the safety of life at sea, the marine environment and nature, symbolized by the rose clutching in his hand. " Energies that the artist Talani once again told in poetic: the rose, that is, the acceptance and altruism and strong boats that plow the waves, that is, all the necessary technologies together in solidarity for the survival of man and the sea. 

The work comes from the gratitude and appreciation that NERI Livorno and Smit Salvage Rotterdam nourished by the magnanimity and courage shown by the people of Giglio in a moment of extraordinary work commitment to protection of the sea and of human life at sea, just as the threat pollution of the sea around the island and Tuscany was removed by diligent action of 'marine salvage' they conduct. Hence the aim of giving the Isola del Giglio, the gigliesi and their guests, a space renovated and especially the emotion of art in everyday life. Citing Botero art can give 'moments of happiness, a haven of extraordinary existence, parallel to the everyday. "