Recovered of the wreck of ship Gokbel



Ravenna- The wreck of ship Gokbel, sank off the port of Ravenna last December 28, 2014 after a collision with the freighter Lady Aziza in which six turkish sailors perished , has been recovered and refloated by the Neri  and Smit Salvage.
Taking advantage of good weather conditions, the sheerlegs ITALIA concluded the work to straighten the hull of M / N Gökbel along with the Tug NOS ARIES that have been at work with the SMIT SALVAGE Rotterdam. The ship’s tanks  were first emptied by 30 cubic meters of diesel fuel inside the hull with the system HOT TAP (used for draining the diesel CONCORDIA) and then moving to close welding above and below the water hole 25 meters platings, which opened after the collizion. A challenging job because the waves of the Adriatic that has accumulated large quantities of dense clay inside and around the block housing. The weight and the amount of clay consolidated during the months when a decision on who should pay for the removal was pending. The amount of clay was likely to overcome the weight of the structure of the accommodation itself. Technicians and personel of NERI involved were 25 and as many divers of the team of SMIT. To these resources , it was joined on the role of self-propelled pontoon DARIO D of the company CMC of Ravenna with basic function of immersion platform for the divers. An operation that ended successfully averted any danger of spillage at sea of hydrocarbons in the tourist season and removing an obstacle to the safety of navigation of the ships to the port of Ravenna.