In the maritime industry the Neri Group is historically best known for its work in harbour towage and ship assistance, carried out with the most modern means, in the west central italian ports of Livorno, Marina di Carrara and Piombino.


With their 360° Schottel azimuth propeller system, the new IAQ 1 computer based and RINA certified tugs, of the Tractor type and Stern-drive type for international escort service, can perform a variety of manoeuvres, in a complete circle, with steadiness and without having to reposition whatever the space at their disposal, thus proving the company's tradition for technological innovation and good-quality service to shipping.


The firm's philosophy is maintained at all levels so as to meet the needs of all harbour users and operators.The safety of harbours and oil terminals in the roadsteads, required by the Maritime Authorities, is guaranteed by specialized fire-fighting and pollution control functions.The Tractor tugs have a "twin-disk" clutch system which permits a better distribution of the engine's horsepower and revolutions zero to bottom gear when the FI-FI 1, whose pumping capacity is 2.400 cubic meters/hr per vessel, is in use. 


Today, the tugboats are able to lay out flexible oil booms at sea near a damaged ship or around an oil patch to prevent it spreading. Therefore, the practical and economic advantages together with those of navigation safety consent the most effective response to environmental emergencies such as fires and marine pollution.