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Since the beginning of its activity in 1951 DOC LIVORNO S.p.A. considered all quality, safety and environmental issues as the core of its business strategy, building a dedicated team of people that are working on daily basis following the evolution of the law and the procedures in these matters.

Untill nowadays the terminal obtained the following certifications with Lloyd's register:


  • ISO 9000 - VISION 2000   (as the first bulk chemicals depot in Italy in 1994)
  • ISO 14001 (2004)
  • CDI-T assessment in accordance to RESPONSIBLE CARE principles (as the first bulk chemicals depot in Italy in 2004)
  • ISPS security code (2004)


The terminal is now going to achieve the ISO 18000 certification.

From the eighties the company gradully switched its original core business (storage and handling of vegetable oils) to the storage and handling of bulk chemicals, and this business is nowadays its main business.


The main terminal - located in Livorno in L.da Vinci street at nrr. 33 and 35 - is lying on a private property land portion of about 90.000 square meters with two dedicated mooring facilities (berth nrr. 27 and 28) for an overall lenght of over 350 meters of pier and with a draft of - 9 meters, 18 discharging lines dedicated to single product or single family products stainless steel made and 2 railway lines entering the site for the loading/unloading of railwagons.


The overall storage capacity of the depot is over 130.000 cubic meters, made of 97 tanks partly carbon steel made and partly stainless steel made of different capacities ranging from 500 to over 6.000 cubic meters, all dedicated to the storage and handling of chemicals.


Inside the terminal we can also provide 2 wharehousing facilities of 5.000 square meters each for the storage and handling of solid goods.


At our terminal we can provide a lot of different services, like:


- handling in of products by vessel/ truck or railwagon for the storage into our tanks and the redelivery on vessel/truck or railwagon;

- nytrogen blanketing of tanks and nytrogen pigging of all discharging lines;
- blending of different grades of products and products' swap between tanks;
- vapour recovery of products by means of chilling equipment at all loading points;
- tanks' heating and nytrogen inflating into prodcuts when in storage.

Our terminal is also rendering the dollowing services:

- drumming of non dangerous products;
- DRAA alcool denaturing;
- products diluting with water according to pharmacopea standards;
- quality and quantity controls on products in storage;
- all different custom documents accompayning the goods, depending on their different origin (T1 - T2 e T2/L)

The terminal is operating according to UTF custom simplified procedures and is registered at the Livorno UTF office as "private custom terminal D categhory". The opening time of the depot for trucks' operations is from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (last truck to be presented at the depot before 4 p.m.), while for receiving of vessels the activities are running 24 hrs. per day 7 days per week - apart from force majeure causes.