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Our Mission

Always striving to achieve and maintain operational excellence, the NERI Group meets the needs of its clients by offering a wide range of services in continental and offshore waters, as well as onshore, too. Deeply rooted in the local community, we of NERI believe that our close proximity to our clients is one of our most valuable assets, as we continue to provide the high quality and safety standards with which the NERI name has become synonymous.

Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is based on excellence in performance. In keeping with this philosophy, we list our top priorities as follows:

  • ensuring the safety of all operations we carry out,
  • ensuring the highest standard of skills within our team,
  • ensuring the continuity of operations,
  • reducing operational costs.

Our Vision

Forever close to our clients, we anticipate their needs in order to satisfy them, with a clear, fixed goal always in mind: to be the preferred marine services company for our clients, our employees, and our shareholders. Our client approach is based precisely on our commitment to building lasting relationships, as well as to supporting the ever-changing needs of those relationships.

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