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NERI has been operating in the maritime sector with a tradition of solution-finding since 1895. Steadily achieving operational excellence, NERI meets the needs of terminal and oil and gas clients by offering a wide range of services in marine coastal and offshore waters and terminal/storage onshore, as well.

Deeply anchored locally, we believe our proximity to our clients is one of our main assets.

NERI’s purpose is to provide maritime-related services. The NERI group has evolved and expanded by combining expertise and experience, as well as through our investments in innovative, highly technological equipment while encouraging a culture of safety amongst our employees in the ports where the NERI group provides tailored solutions to clients and charterers.

NERI employs approximately 300 people and provides services using a fleet of more than 40 vessels. NERI’s onshore-based facilities and equipment include chemical terminals, warehouses, office buildings, containers, cranes and other specialized equipment.

The company is now and has always been privately owned and operated by the NERI family, based in Livorno since the 18th century.

Marine Services 

NERI provides marine solutions in the field of harbor towage services and related maritime services, including:

  • towage services to ports,
  • OIL and LNG offshore,
  • salvage and wreckage removal,
  • environmental protection,
  • chartering,
  • barge rental and transport,
  • coastal and river towage,
  • heavy lifting and marine support to a variety of energy and offshore projects.

Onshore Services

NERI offers comprehensive logistical support, (cars, containers, etc.), with particular attention to our clients within the Oil and Gas industry, offering support services for a variety of Energy and Logistical Terminal projects, as well as storage and handling facilities for chemical products.

Environment and Marine Protection

NERI protects the Italian coastline with vessels chartered by the Italian Ministry of Environment, providing an all year-round emergency response at sea.
NERI is a shareholder of Labromare, an organization which specializes in the collection, treatment and disposal of waste in Italy, thanks to investments in port waste treatment and research. Labromare has become a benchmark for other major Italian ports which are now studying its example.


The growing demand for Quality of Maritime Services has shifted the focus of the industry from the User Quality to the Service Quality.

NERI management, ever aware of its clients’ expectations with regard to service quality, is faithfully committed to its employees, customers, vendors and industry associates, (ship owners, port authority, agents and brokers), and has established standards that all employees must adhere to so that we can continue to meet and surpass the expectations of operational performance and customer satisfaction.

The company is also a member of national and international associations, such as International Salvage Union (ISU), the European Tugowners Association (ETA), Assorimorchiatori, and Confindustria.



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