Marine services

As a European and international harbor towage and maritime services provider, NERI offers high quality services to leading parties, from ship owners to shipping agents, as well as energy providers, and port authorities in the maritime industry, in all areas of continental and deep offshore operations.

With a fleet of 40 vessels, NERI has emerged as a leading force in marine services for the port and offshore oil and gas industry.

Whether it be in continental harbor towage or in deep-water offshore assistance, NERI services are the most thorough and reliable on the market.

The services provided by Marine Services include:

  • harbor and offshore towage,
  • supplying offshore installations and vessels,
  • support to floating LNG, oil and gas production, storage and unloading units
  • personnel transport
  • assistance, salvage and pollution remediation

A Customized Approach to Safe and Efficient Operations

We constantly monitor our quality and safety levels and our customers’ special needs. No two missions are exactly alike. Being responsive enables us to provide client-tailored services by providing our customers with the right mix in terms of fleet capacity, 24-hour responsiveness and flexible deployment, as well as employing our vast knowledge of the local area as it applies to problem-solving.

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