Ceremony for the new ASD Montenero

Il gruppo Neri battezza il nuovo rimorchiatore Montenero Il gruppo Neri battezza il nuovo rimorchiatore Montenero

Livorno. With the baptism of the tug “Montenero”, it closes the order package of the Neri Group, which marks the remarkable number of 6 new arrivals in 18 months and 26 units in twenty years. The new vessel, from the yard Marino Rosetti of Ravenna, is the twin of Antignano, inaugurated in March last year.

The series of purchases could, however, soon resume, first of all because “the decision-making chain is short” as Corrado Neri comments, both because the latter two tugboats designed to work in hazardous environments and LNG docks would have been Immediately chartered if they had not already been destined in the port of Livorno. Stefano Corsini, President of ADSP, was present, who – during the ceremony – had praise for the Neri Group: “I have had immediate empathy with Piero Neri” and “When talking about tugboats in Italy we talk about of Neri “.

The ceremony saw the daughter of Piero Neri, Francesca, who was present on stage together with her family. The traditional bottle launch was preceded by the blessing of the bishop of Livorno, Monsignor Giusti.

The “Montenero”, as well as its twin “Antignano”, are named after two ships belonging to the owners’ family in the 1950s. These are azimuthal tugs with 95-ton bollard pull performance, 2555 kw MAN engines at 800 rpm and dual-drum Rolls Royce Marine winches with hazardous atmospheric certifications.

The hull is designed to operate in adverse sea conditions with 3000 miles of autonomy; The draft is 6.20 meters and you can accommodate 10 crew members. The tugboat is classified as RAstar 3200W class tugboat terminal escort tug – 90t BP.

The “Montenero” baptismal ceremony was preceded by the awarding of distinguished students in the field of university logistics and high school of technical guidance. Giulia Gorini and Alessandro Palumbo, of the Logistics Faculty of Livorno, will be able to benefit from a three-month paid period within Sintermar to deepen the topics they are studying. For the six meritorious Nautical students, there will be three months of boarding on the tugboats on duty in Livorno.

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