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Marine antipollution - Fratelli Neri spa Marine antipollution - Fratelli Neri spa
Preview ofMarine antipollution - Fratelli Neri spa Marine antipollution - Fratelli Neri spa

Our protection of the coastal marine environment began in 1997. NERI has been protecting northwest part of the Italian coastline with pollution remediation tugs, by way of involvement in the “Contract for the Defense of the Sea”, established by the Italian Minister of the Environment, with the participation of the consortium, “Castalia Ecolmar”.

NERI maritime personnel has intervened in the protection of environments, preventing the spillage of thousands of tons of oil, chemicals and bunkers.

We have the expertise to deliver a range of solutions, including: fire-fighting, ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore cargo transfer, salvage and disposal of hazardous cargo, refloating, towage and wreck removal, and marine salvage consultancy.

Our anti-pollution vessels operate in the area of the Tuscan archipelago, by way of:

  • Patrolling the coastal waters and the protected marine areas, such as the Mediterranean Whale Park, the first international European marine reserve instituted between Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco in the Northern Tyrrhenian sea.
  • Mechanical and physical removal of solid and liquid pollutants,
  • Interventions outside of national waters for the fight against marine pollution, as we did in the aftermath of the “Prestige Disaster” in Galicia, Spain, and in the War of Lebanon.

Crews Available 24/7

Operational in one hour, our vessels can be pre-positioned at sea in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Our crews have mastered all the assistance techniques and are constantly:

  • in contact with rescue stations,
  • ready to intervene in support of the local crews at the incident scene
  • trained in coordinating exceptional operations.

We work with a range of partners, (governmental agencies, local authorities, ship owners, etc.), and if necessary, a crisis unit can be mobilized.

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